What is Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), how does it work, and what are its uses in the Hospitality / Hotel industry?

RFID is an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) service, which operates under electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. Under the RFID service, objects are fitted with tags that contain electronically stored information.  

How does RFID work?

Unlike a barcode, these tags for RFID collect energy from an RFID reader’s interrogation radio waves or have a local power source such as a battery, which could be identified even out of the line of sight of the reader. Thus, RFID makes it easier to locate objects and keep track of them.

Where can RFID be used?

RFID tags can be attached to money, linen, furniture, and other possessions, or even implanted in animals and people to make tracking easier. The RFID tag service is used in many industries, especially manufacturing industries, to make tracking of production easier.

With the RFID tracking system, industries can track their production right form manufacturing of individual components to the assembly of products. The RFID tracking system can be used even in warehousing to track and maintain inventory.

RFID microchips can also be used in livestock and pets to easily identify and track the movement of the same.

Uses of RFID in the Hospitality / Hotel industry

Fast and accurate inventory management

RFID helps hotel staff to automatically and instantly identify, track, record and manage possessions in the hotel. Automatic alerts can be issued to alert inventory keepers if any objects are taken out of the premises without permission.

Room management

Hotel managers can get all relevant information about vacant and occupied rooms automatically with the use of key cards and RFID enabled rooms. This information can be accessed worldwide on real time bases almost instantly, enabling easier booking processes for online bookings.

Linen & laundry management

With the number of blankets, napkins, towels, bedsheets, cushion covers and other linen that hotels deal with, the risk of loss, theft and misplacement is very high. RFID helps with better and easier tracking of laundry and linen, cutting down on such risks. 

Managing personnel

RFID helps to track personnel, be it, employees or customers. While employees can be tracked for attendance and other purposes, customers can be tracked to understand their preferences and easily provide service; thus, giving them the higher quality of personalized services.

Managing vehicles

Hotels deal with entry and exit of a lot of vehicles, both of customers and their own fleet. Placing an RFID tag on the vehicle enables easier location and identification of vehicles for parking and washing of vehicles when needed. It also helps to identify vehicles for opening of gates automatically, speeding up entry-exit logs for security purposes.



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